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Modification / Lower Payments

A mortgage/loan modification is similar to a mortgage refinance in that the objective is to find you a more affordable mortgage payment using Government funds. The Lavotshkin Law Group may be able to help you “modify or change” the terms of your existing mortgage to as little as 2%. The economy turned the housing market upside down, and many homes are under-water. Meaning, you may owe more then your house is worth. Decreasing home values have made mortgage refinancing often impossible. However, the US Government has created a number of programs over the past few years to help  people save their homes during these tough economic times. There are ways however to save your home and avoid foreclosure and here at Lavotshkin Law Group we will use valuable experience help you prepare your case and negotiate with your lender and we will take a dedicated approach to help you save your home. Our staff will help you renegotiate the current status of your home mortgage loan and lower your payment and interest rate, eliminate missed payments; bringing your mortgage current and even lower your future mortgage payments. Other options include Short Sales, Deed in Leu of foreclosure, and reverse mortgages.